Down Payment Assistance: NEW $8000 Down Payment Assistance AVAILABLE NOW!



NEW $8000 Down Payment Assistance Available NOW!

For New and Existing Homes.

Get Pre-Approved for Your Down Payment Assistance.



 NCHFA Down Payment Assistance (DPA):

    • Other programs available for up to 5% DPA to be used in conjunction with NC Home Advantage
    • No monthly payment or interest
    • Silent Second forgiven gradually
    • No recapture unless there is significant equity, increase in income AND property is sold within 9 years
    • Very Affordable Down Payment Assistance

 NC Home Advantage:

    • Up to 100% Financing PLUS Financing of closing costs with a *Silent Community Second ( *No Payments or Interest for the forgivable Second Mortgage )
    • Combine this product with Down Payment Assistance and the MCC Tax Credit for maximum benefit.
    • Currently available for Conv, USDA, VA and FHA
    • Minimum 640 Credit Score (Set by NCHFA)
    • Income Cap is 87,500K for an INDIVIDUAL – Household income is not counted
    • Amazing Turn Times


 Get your Mortgage Tax Credit with the MCC:

    • This product can be used with ANY mortgage product, it is NOT limited to NCHFA
    • Tax credit up to $2000 PER YEAR for the life of ownership EVEN after a refinance!
    • Income is set per county and is based on total household income (similar to USDA)
    • 5 Acres Max
    • FTHBs and Vets OR anyone who has not owned a home in the last 3 years.
    • 250K Purchase Price Cap
    • Tax Credit can be used to reduce DTI. For Example: $2000 Credit / 12 months = $166. The $166 is added to INCOME to reduce DTI – this can make a big difference for lower income or borderline borrowers
    • The tax credit cannot be paired with the $8000 DPA Program

The best news is that these are EASY! They used to be much more complex but not any longer. Lenders have struggled with executing this program in the past but it is now a very streamlined process. If you have any questions please let contact us and we would be happy to help you better understand this program.

Proudly Serving the State of North Carolina and the Communities of Greensboro, Winston-Salem & High Point.

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