Plan Your Financial Future

Customers often ask me for advise and information regarding their overall financial picture. I believe that it is very important to have a full team of highly trained financial professionals on your side.

I am pleased to present Rukosky & Associates as your North Carolina resource for setting your financial future in motion.

First Responders and Veterans are especially encouraged. 

Your Financial Group

Accounting Services

We believe that Accounting is a blend of proper procedures and tax knowledge. Meeting with one of our Accounting professionals brings you both, as they are trained in both disciplines. Our review of your financial statements not only tells us the financial strength of your company, but reveals to us the necessary course for your continued growth or corrective action. We tailor our services to fit your needs.

Business Services

From business formation to assisting with your day-to-day operational needs, to building revenue for your small business through traditional and innovative web marketing methods, Rukosky & Associates can take you from A-Z along your business journey as we have for over 300 other small businesses. No other firm we know of provides you with all of these turnkey services at our depth of experience.

Financial Planning

Rukosky & Associates’ Life Planning staff have over 30 years of experience dealing with the complexities and challenges posed by retirement planning, college planning, debt elimination, credit repair, and tax planning. While each plan is tailored to your individual and business needs, plans can be prepared on a package or a la carte basis, either face-to-face or through our life planning website.

Human Resource Services

Rukosky & Associates is able to handle your human resources needs from recruiting, talent acquisition,  training and development, and human resource administration while working with executive-level professionals as well as front-line employees in small businesses. Our associate has the years of experience that you need to make your human resources implementations seamless.

Legal Services

We know that it is important to have understanding and representation in some situations to be able to protect what matters most to you. One of our most trusted advisors knows the key elements to be able to assist you with estate/business success planning, guardianships, medicaid, probate and trust, and veteran benefits.

Risk Management

Risk management is the assessment, and prioritization of risks that can become relevant in your personal or business life. As much as none of us like to talk about insurance, individual and business financial planning is not complete without a discussion of, and an action plan for, risk management. Talk to us about individual life insurance and business key person, buy-sell, and cross-purchase insurance.

Tax Services & IRS Debt Resolution

Successful tax planning and preparation is a direct result of passionate study of the tax code, and this is an area where Rukosky & Associates excels. From individual, business, and expatriate return preparation to IRS tax resolution assistance, Rukosky & Associates brings 27 years of tax knowledge to your personal and business tax planning needs.


Plan for a secure retirement with confidence using the MyiFinPlan retirement planner.Planning For Retirement: Your Biggest Life Change Begins Now

What is your vision of retirement? Will you become a world traveler, exploring the jungles of Borneo? Perhaps you’ll finally launch that cabinet-making business you’ve always dreamed of. Or maybe your dream is to while away the hours on your porch with a tall glass of lemonade, watching the grandchildren chase butterflies through the grass.

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Debt can rob you of financial choice. Take back your freedom with the MyiFinPlan debt elimination planner.Eliminating Debt: Creating Choices

It is a crime that in this country, the richest country in the world, we graduate from our secondary schools without even a “crash course” in how to handle debt. Even more ridiculous is that we are allowed to graduate from college without a mandatory financial course. The average household consumer debt profile consists of an average credit card debt of $15,609 and the average student loan debt of $32,956.

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Don't leave your children's future up to chance. Plan early with a comprehensive savings strategy using MyiFinPlan's college planner.Saving For College: College Is Still Worth It

In 1999, a person with a bachelor’s degree earned about 84% more than someone with a high school diploma, according to US NEWSThis means, on average, a difference in lifetime earnings of about $2.8 million. Said another way, that $2.8 million represents the value of a college education. This is the difference between your children simply making ends meet and being able to realize their lifetime goals.

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